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Cleveland House, Greaves Hall Avenue, Banks, Southport, Lancashire PR9 8BL

Priory Group Division

Adult Care


£13.10 per hour


38.5 per week

Vacancy Type

Permanent - Full Time

Job Advert Location Description

Supports and assists qualified staff in the planning and implementation of resident care. Delivering
care to the resident as prescribed by the individual care plans.

Key Accountabilities

1. Assists qualified staff with implementation of individual resident care plans undertaking
routine tasks and activities as directed to facilitate the well being, dignity and treatment of all
2. Provides practical support and responsive care to residents who require assistance with
intimate personal needs such as dressing, bathing and toileting activities ensuring that such
activities comply with procedures and the relevant healthcare legislation
3. Observes and monitors the well being of residents ensuring that any unusual physical, mental
or emotional occurrences are promptly referred to senior staff/the primary nurse and
documented as appropriate.
4. Monitors and allocates the work for care assistants.
5. Develops and maintains a good professional relationship with residents, colleagues and
visitors responding promptly and courteously to requests and enquiries.
6. Works with local management to develop and implement new services within the unit.
Ensures that service users are receiving care, which is value for their money.



Job Advert Role Description

Knowledge & Skills
Educated to a minimum GCSE/NVQ 2 or above (or similar qualification) with a good standard of
Previous care experience is essential preferably working in a setting relevant to the home.
Autonomy & Impact
Organises and prioritises work, referring complex issues to senior staff with the majority of duties
being routine and covered by local procedures and policy.
Intelligent Problem Solving
There is a limited degree of flexibility in altering the sequence of routine tasks. However, the role
holder is encouraged to contribute ideas and suggestions, which lead to improvements in
healthcare processes or therapeutic activities and events.

Monitors the work of care assistants.
Budgets & equipment
Collective responsibility for the care and appropriate use of resources in the home.
Responsibility for the accuracy of personal recordings in residents’ records and maintaining
Communication & Interaction
The nature of the role necessitates frequent interaction with staff, residents and visitors in the
home involving the regular exchange of routine information in person and over the telephone.
Well-developed observational and listening skills are essential for monitoring the mental, emotional and physical well being of residents.
Working environment
The problems faced by residents may present difficult and challenging situations, which may
heighten the physical, sensory and emotional demands of the role.
Special Features
The role holder is encouraged to participate in additional governance or training activities to
enhance the service.