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Priory Hospital Roehampton, Priory Lane, Roehampton, SW15 5JJ

Priory Group Division






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Priory Hospital Roehampton in London, is one of the country’s leading rehab facilities for mental health conditions, addictions and eating disorders.

We provide expert treatment for a range of mental health challenges, including treatment for depression, as well as drug and alcohol addiction treatment. We also offer inpatient mental health treatment for young people and outpatient support for people struggling with an eating disorder. In addition, we offer private autism assessments for children.    

Provides assistance to professional and clinical staff with the planning, implementation and evaluation of social activities in order to improve mental, emotional well-being and quality of life of clients.


1. Supports senior staff with patient screening and assessments as part of the care and therapy planning process.


2. Prepares, plans and delivers group and individual recreational and occupational activities,

observing, recording and reporting patient responses to the assigned clinician as appropriate.


3. Ensures the effective, timely and accurate updating of clinical records, case files and

computerised information systems as directed.


4. Contributes to surveys, audits and clinical research projects assisting with collection, analysis

and presentation of data and information as directed.


5. Observes and monitors the well being of patients ensuring that any unusual physical, mental

or emotional occurrences are promptly referred to more senior staff and documented as



6. Proposes new service to regional management and helping management to develop and

implement the new services.


7. Ensures that patients are receiving a service that is value for their money and objectives are

met to help in the success of the unit. 

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